2nd Week of Work

posted Aug 17, 2013, 9:35 AM by jj pionke
I promise, I won't post about every week of my working life, but I probably will for a little while.

I find myself in this funky place of knowing a lot and not knowing enough so sometimes I'm all, "I got this!  I know how to do this!  I have accomplished something!"  and sometimes I am all, "Wait, what is the policy here?  Who do I have to contact?  What does the person want/need? How do I answer this question?".  The most frustrating part is when I can't do something I know how to do because of (insert reason here) like I am really good with Blackboard because of my past teaching experience but they are having problems adding me to Blackboard so the things that I could do, I can't because Blackboard is having a moment.  There have been some other frustrations too but not terrible and not outside of what I have expected.  I am still finding my coworkers pretty awesome and a lot of fun.  I feel like I fit in pretty well and I am excited about meeting with the Dean next week to go over a battle plan to approach my departments.

This is my third week in Wichita and I was due for some culture shock which I have been experiencing a bit on and off this week.  It's not as harsh as say being in Uganda, but I have been trying to treat myself gently.

So excited to be here!