A day in the life of....

posted Feb 1, 2012, 2:25 PM by jj pionke
Been seeing quite a few day in the life of a librarian posts lately...so how about the day in the life of a grad student, with an extra bonus!  A Cold!

7am: Turn off alarm, stumble to bathroom.  Get back into bed, email professor from phone that I'm staying home.

7-10am: Sleeping and coughing and coughing and sleeping

10am: Voices outside.  Decide that I should arise.  Extra sleep has made me feel more human.  Get dressed, start breakfast cooking in the microwave, talk to dude outside of door.  They are installing new cable modems in all the apts.

10am-12pm: These papers are supposed to be returned next week....that means I should grade them. Grades for two hours.

1230-1250: The wheels on the bus go round and round...

1-2pm: Team teaching meeting.  Trying not to breathe on anyone.  Waiting for cold medication to set in.  and there it is....my sinuses feel like they are a dishrag being wrung out.

230-300: Herd 300 undergrads into lecture hall, hand out test.  Professor tells me to crawl home.

300-315: Visit professor whose class I missed this morning, ask for clarification on a few things.  Try not to breathe on her.

320-330: The wheels on the bus go round and round...

330-530: Interact with tech support to re-setup my internet connection.  Considering that this was hell the first time around, I was filled with dread but it turned out fine.  The tech guy I got was pretty damn awesome.  While waiting on hold and other various things, put room back to rights after having had to move furniture for cable people, do some dishes, unpack backpack, etc.

530-615: Dinner - sandwich and chips with a diet sprite

615-7: The internets!  The beautiful internets!  Distracted by the shiny that I have missed all day.'

7-11 :Grading and more grading and yet more grading with some chores sprinkled in between when I feel like I need to stand up and put blood back into my legs.

11: Rub a dub dub

1130: Good Night Dune...cough cough cough