Alternative Spring Break (ASB)

posted Jan 12, 2012, 11:57 AM by jj pionke
Here at the University of Michigan, the School of Information has an one week volunteer program called Alternative Spring Break.  It's a chance for students to get real world experience at various institutions in Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Washington DC. You pick/apply for one position in one city and you are there for a week doing whatever the organization needs help with.  It's a fun thing and it gives you a chance to not only get real world experience but also to kind of experiment with the areas that you might be interested in going into and/or studying.  I am applying for a spot on Washington DC.  Unlike many of my fellow students, I've been to all of the cities that ASB goes to so for me, this adventure is more about the work experience than anything else.  I won't know for a bit whether or not I got my first pick, but I am excited about spending Spring Break helping out an institutions with a project that they need my specialized assistance with.