And so it begins.

posted May 27, 2012, 9:08 PM by jj pionke
In about 14 hours or so, I will be getting on a plane to Singapore.  I will be flying for 22 hours.  I will have a ground stop in Tokyo for 2 hours....and I have no idea if they will let me off the plane or not.  There has been some miscommunication with my housing so I am unsure if anyone will meet me where I am supposed to be which is a little concerning but it will all work out.  My luggage is just shy of 40lbs, well under the 50lbs limit and it's bright, have a picture of the luggage!

My luggage

The blue bag in case you are wondering is the carry-on and it feels overstuffed.  sigh.

I'm excited.  I'm anxious.  It's all pretty normal.  LOL  Still, there is security and aleve and tums and reading and books and and and in my future for the next few days.  I've packed a wide array of things to keep me occupied including needlepoint, reading material, and writing utensils.  Here's hoping that the airlines don't lose my luggage. That would really suck.  Just saying. (knocks wood).  I'll land in Singapore in the last gasp of Tuesday night local time.

See you on the other side everyone!