ASB: Day 1: Oh my poor feet...

posted Feb 27, 2012, 5:56 PM by jj pionke
Unlike the other people going to the Library of Congress, I rode the Metro rather than walking.  It was a very full and very exciting day.  We met the Associate Librarian of Congress, had various orientations, got a tour which was pretty amazing, got our volunteer badges, bolted down lunch, and then started work.  There are three of us working in the Newspaper division so we had a second orientation that went over thoroughly how and what to do with the newspapers.  Basically, I am entering data into a database about individual front page articles.  The one I did today centered on Wilson breaking off ties with Germany in WWI.  I only did one because between the three of us, we made the database hiccup.  We are hoping it will be fixed tomorrow.  For the most part, unless the job changes, I will be helping to clear the backlog of headlines that need to be entered into the database.  I found it really interesting actually and I hoping that the database is back to normal tomorrow.  So, while my feet are trying to kill me, the work is fascinating and fun!  I am so glad to be here and I love my roomies!