ASB: The Tale of the Bump

posted Feb 27, 2012, 5:49 PM by jj pionke
For various reasons, instead of taking the chartered bus from Ann Arbor, I drove to Chicago and then flew from Chicago to Washington DC.  Originally, I was supposed to arrive before my roommates and have dinner with an old friend.  What really happened is that I landed up voluntarily getting bumped twice so I could rack up travel vouchers for my trip to Singapore.  This almost backfired on me because the last flight that I was supposed to be on flew into Dulles instead of Reagan.  This was a problem because my luggage was already at Reagan.  I got crazy lucky and managed to get on one of the last flights going to Reagan thereby not having to take taxis and being able to get my luggage.  I got here with some bouncing around but I got here and my roomies are awesome!