Book Ruminations: Baker Street

posted Jun 4, 2013, 6:49 AM by jj pionke
Baker Street by Guy Davis and Gary Reed is a delightful late '80s/early '90s graphic novel.  As the title implies, the books revolve around Sherlock Holmes but what is fascinating about the two graphic novels is that the world they are placed in.  World War II never happened and Sherlock Holmes is a punk woman named Sharon Ford.  The books revolve around punk culture and are told by "Watson", a medical exchange student from the US named Sue.  I was given the first graphic novel as a belated birthday gift from a dear friend and was immediately charmed by it to the point where I wanted to know if there was more.  I got the second novel in the mail a few days ago and eagerly consumed it.  The link is to the compendium of the two graphic novels, but as I was given the first one as was, I bought the second one instead of the compendium.  At any rate, the story deals with typical Holmesian themes of loss, love, betrayal, addiction, and of course, solving mysteries.  I love graphic novels.  I don't read nearly enough of them.