Book Ruminations: Of Love and Other Demons

posted Jun 17, 2013, 12:40 PM by jj pionke
I, like many other people, have a fond affection for Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  I was first introduced to him in graduate school the first time around when I took a course on South American magical realism authors.  The others books I plowed through and enjoyed.  I finished 100 Years of Solitude in one sitting, breathless with love for it and there began a love affair with Marquez.  I've got to be in the right frame of mind to read him but his turns of phrase ("the pond of sighs") are a delight.

Of Love and Other Demons is a novella published in 1995.  It's a short tale of different types of love in a time of religious fervor in the 1700s.  Honestly, it's a delight to read and as typical of Marquez, there are multiple layers of meaning some of which focus on love and hate, religion, and mental health.  Also typical of Marquez, characters come and go and there is never truly a happy ending but in that way, he is true to life.  I took my time reading this book in part because I wanted to savor it and think about it as I read it.  To really appreciate Marquez, you have to take your time.  I've reread 100 Years of Solitude a couple of times, in part to make up for the gorging I gave it the first time I read it.