Can you see my health shield?

posted Apr 18, 2012, 6:52 PM by jj pionke
Today, I was able to get into the travel clinic.  They had to squeeze me in between two other people and I am very grateful.  Since I already had the Twinrx vaccine (a combo Hep A and B vaccination series) and had a Tdap last semester, I only needed a Polio booster shot and a Yellow Fever shot.  I also got the oral Typhoid vaccine which is one pill every other day for a total of 4 doses.  I went with the oral version instead of the shot because it's good for 5 years instead of 2.  Since I am not sure what I am doing when I graduate - staying in the states or going overseas, I figured it was better to just cover my bases, you know?  No ill effects suffered so far other than a sore arm and I was a bit warm earlier - which doesn't surprise me since I've had 3 vaccinations in one day.  I also got pepto bismol chewables for travelers diarrhea along with my malaria pills and an antibiotic in case the travelers diarrhea gets out of hand.  In short, I feel like I have enough prophylaxes right now that I should be glowing with health.  Just saying.

That said, I still need to get Tums, Aleve, eye drops, and whatever else I think I will need including a prescription refill override for my blood pressure medication which is currently in the works.  All of this does make me feel good that I am a good planner.  Be prepared and all that.