Classes for Fall term 2012

posted Mar 30, 2012, 10:28 AM by jj pionke
I registered for classes today.  Part of what made developing my schedule for next semester so vexing is that since I am hoping to GSI (Grad Student Instructor) for the course that I have taught for the past year, I decided that I would leave those times open on my schedule.  What this means is that quite a few classes that I really wanted to take, I can't because they would be when I am hopefully teaching.  What did I get then?

Amcult 601 - This is in the American Culture division and the class is specifically labeled Topics of American Studies. The section that I am taking is subtitled Digital Culture which I figure works nicely with being at SI.  This course satisfies the cognate requirement of my program (we have to take one class outside of our school).

The rest of my classes are SI classes:

523 - Information and Control - don't really know much about this class other than people either love it or hate it.  It satisfies the management course requirement.
624 - Media for Children and Young Adults - I've had this teacher before and though she requires a lot of work, her classes are thought provoking and fun.
651 - Physical Treatments - This course is the only analog preservation class that is offered.  I am so stoked that I got into this class I can't even articulate how excited I am.  I expect to be lost and make a lot of mistakes in this class but I don't care, I really want to take it!
665 - Online Searching and Databases - I've heard this is a really good class.  My biggest concern is that I know the teacher and I are going to have personality conflicts.  If I can stay calm and carry on, I should be ok.  I hope.

So there ya go, that is what I am taking next semester.  The one "class" that is not on her is the Summer internship but I can't register for that until pretty much the Fall after I have completed the internship.  It's a pretty sweet deal actually.  You do the work in the Summer and then register and get credit in the Fall which means you don't have to pay Summer tuition.  I can handle that!