End of Semester Treat

posted Apr 21, 2012, 1:54 PM by jj pionke
I am a strong believer in work hard and play hard.  So, after slogging through a long semester, I always treat myself to an end of term gift.  For the last several years running it's been Star Wars Legos.  This semester, I treated myself to a book making class at Hollanders.  Specifically, I took sewn board books.  It seemed like a good beginner choice.  I was supposed to have taken an even more basic class earlier in the month but it got canceled because of low enrollment.  Anyway, it was fun.  The instructor was nice and good at demonstrating.  My book wasn't the best but it is about what I expected.  I'm bad at measurements and good bookmaking is about measurements so I knew mine wasn't going to be the best in the class and I am ok with that.  This was more about the experience and as something to do that wasn't completely grad school related.  From a conservator's point of view, I learned a lot about books by just constructing one and that will help me in my preservation lab class in the Fall, but more than that, I just had fun.  Here is a picture of my talisman with my new book!

My first book!