End of Term = Movies

posted Dec 2, 2012, 8:13 AM by jj pionke
It's not that I don't have a million things to do.  This week in particular is quite stressful with two presentations in addition to normal school work and of course trying to finish up all term projects like 20 page research papers that are due by the 19th.  That said, there is only so much a girl can take and do before you start to get a negative return on your investment of time.  Once that happens, it's time for a serious escapism break.  It's no wonder then that I typically choose movies, and more specifically, I try to go to a movie theater.  At home, it's too easy to switch to a web browser while still "watching" a film.  In a movie theater, you have a much more immersive experience typically.  At any rate, I've seen two movies in two days:

Rise of the Guardians

I adored this film.  It's a delightful tale with the main character centered on Jack Frost.  The animation is gorgeous, the story is fun and heartwarming, and I came away from the film feeling like there was a bit more wonder in the world.

The Life of Pi

The film is visually stunning and the storyline is at once heartbreaking and profound.  This is not a film for a case of the feel goods.  It's a film that makes you seriously think about God, trauma, human spirit, and survival.  Rise will make you laugh with delight and Pi will keep you up at night meditating on the nature of God, Man, and Life.

Distractions can be positive when they are applied judiciously and used to your full advantage.  So, while I was up very late last night because I went and saw a movie, I woke this morning feeling more centered and ready to take on the to do list that is currently taped to my desk.  There are other movies that I want to see like Lincoln and when it comes out, The Hobbit.  With Winter break coming, there will be more time to see movies for fun and not just because my brain is so saturated with stuff that I can't see the forest for the trees anymore.