Fall Break: Vancouver Edition

posted Oct 17, 2012, 8:34 PM by jj pionke
Here at the University of Michigan, we have a Fall Break which is a four day weekend.  Most people use it to go home/study/catch up/get ahead/be a couch potato.  Last year, I spent the break holed up in my apartment plowing through a pile of stuff to the point where I was like 2-3 weeks ahead on everything.  It was quite satisfying actually.  Oh, don't get me wrong.  I also took time off and watched a couple of movies and had some pizza.  This year, I took advantage of some of the miles I racked up on my world adventures to go somewhere.  A co-worker turned friend has moved to Vancouver, Canada so I figured why not?  Of course, I figured this just as the semester was starting.  That said, I don't regret going for a moment and I still got some good work done so good on me!

I had a lot of fun in Vancouver.  We talked a lot but we also walked a bit and saw some beautiful vistas:

This shot was taken at a vantage point at the University of British Columbia.   We also spent time drinking quite a bit of tea (YAY!).  One of the places that we went to that I liked quite a bit was TWG.  We tried to go to the Museum of Anthropology but it is closed on Mondays.  Oh darn!  I'll have to go back to Vancouver.  Instead, I will show you a picture of the little pond that was just in front of the building.

I had a lovely time.  Lots of laughter, great ideas, tasty food, delicious tea, and it was fun being in a place I had never been to.  I can't wait to go back.  In the meantime, back to the grindstone!