First Week of Work

posted Aug 10, 2013, 6:41 AM by jj pionke
This past week was my first week of work.  I spent time talking to fellow coworkers, setting up my office, and starting to learn the ins and outs of my job.  It was pretty low key and that is a good thing!  The students come back in another week and then it will be all sorts of crazy.  Still, I really like my job so far and I love the people that I am working with.  They are interesting and fun.  I think the job will be a challenge and exciting and I am super excited about that.  I'm a little nervous about publishing but that seems to be be pretty par for the course.  I am also super thankful that everyone is understanding about needing to do things like get my car tags changed over and get a license which of course can only be done during typical working hours.  I can say I am now the proud owner of a Kansas license plate and yes, the tag office is really as bad as they say.  Though, I went prepared - I had a book, my cell phone, and my crochet.

Next week, there will be an official orientation to the college and meetings and it will be awesome as I get more into the groove of doing things that I need to do.  I will also continue to slowly migrate things to work a little at a time.  I took my UM diploma in yesterday.

I'm totally digging all of this!  YAY!