Kuala Lumpur and other sundry items

posted Apr 28, 2012, 8:02 PM by jj pionke
When I was on the JET Programme, I had a roommate for a few months.  She was representing Canada, but she had done much of her growing up in Portugal and so she spent more time talking about Portugal than Canada, which is reasonable since the last JET in her position had been from Canada.  Anyway, she now lives in Kuala Lumpur (no idea why, but I'll find out) and we agreed to meet the fourth weekend of June.  Today I bought my plane ticket on a budget airline and I also booked a hotel.  I am trying to decide if I want to go to Bangkok the second weekend of June.  On the one hand, I am in that part of the world and getting there will be far cheaper from Singapore than from Chicago.  On the other hand, that makes for a very busy month.  Gotta think about it some more.

In other news, moved home to parents house in Chicago.  There's stuff everywhere and I feel like I am never going to find everything ever again.  oh moving.  I am home for this week and then back to Ann Arbor for two weeks to work in the Bentley, then home for another week, and then away I go.

I also need to find someplace to live for next year and gather up everything for the trip.  Never a dull moment!

This is going to be an extremely busy and amazing Summer!