Let's count internships

posted Apr 19, 2012, 1:20 PM by jj pionke
I actually have three internships this Summer.  They all kind of start at various different times.  The one that started today is at the Bentley Historical Library which oh the irony, is just down the hill where I currently live.  Ironic because I have to move out on Thursday of next week.  At the Bentley, I will be building a physical and virtual GLBT history exhibit for Coming Out Day this October 11.  I'm pretty excited about it.  The sort of downside is that I have to pretty much go home for one week and then come right back here for two weeks and couch surf so I can put in a big chunk of hours.  Then back home to work on getting ready to go around the world.

The second internship is in Singapore at the National University of Singapore - I'm actually at the Central Library.  I will be working on a variety of things there but mostly on information literacy and revamping their outreach.  I am there for the month of June.

From Singapore, I fly directly to Entebbe, Uganda where I will be until the middle of August working at the Ugandan National Archives.  I'd give ya a link if there was one, but there ain't.  I will be cataloging what is left of the collection in conjunction with three other team members.  I'm the only person from the School of Information so the actual archive stuff ie managing the catalog database, will fall on me.  It's a big responsibility and I am excited about it.

There it is - 3 internships, 1 Summer.  It's gonna be crazy and fun and interesting and I am so excited to be starting on it all right away.  YAY!