Library of Congress, here I come!

posted Jan 27, 2012, 8:31 PM by jj pionke
I got my assignment for Alternative Spring Break and I will be going to the Library of Congress!  I am going to be working on their Historic Events Newspaper Project.  All of this is provided of course that they have no objection to me.  I was matched to them but they have to accept the match.  Still, I feel pretty good and so excited to be going to the LOC!  I've decided to fly to DC rather than driving, though I will be staying in the hotel that the program sets us up with.  I am too old to be riding in a car for 10 hours with a bunch of over caffinated and over sugarated grad students, love them though I do....At any rate, I'll drive home to Chicago, drop off a load of my stuff, and then fly for the week of Spring Break (at the end of Feb) to DC.  This is going to be awesome!