My First Football Game

posted Sep 16, 2012, 9:52 AM by jj pionke
My Mother and I decided that since I am at a Big Ten school, we should at least go to one Big Ten football game.  It's hard to remember how small a football field really is when all you ever do is watch it on TV.  We had excellent seats, 50 yard line on the Michigan side and 30 rows up, we were really able to see the game quite well.  We had brought the binoculars but we barely used them.  Alas, the game was a massacre.  UMass got the stuffing kicked out of them, 63-13.  We had a great time -  good seats, friendly people around us, and we participated in the crowd stuff (chanting, clapping, singing the school song, etc).  The weather was perfect and we weren't in the sun the entire time which was good cause otherwise I would have been a sunburned crisp.  We also had a pretzel and some roasted almonds - haven't had either in years!  The marching band was great fun and I am really glad that we were able to see them.  The before game show and the half time show were awesome.  The only negative that upset me was when the UMass team took the field and were booed by the UM fans.  That is just unsporting behavior.  Learn some manners people!  Still, I am glad that we went to the game and we both had a lot of fun.  It certainly didn't seem like there were 107,000 people there with us!

Today, lots and lots of homework, grading, and cleaning up.