My travel companion

posted Apr 14, 2012, 8:54 PM by jj pionke
Starting our journey at Zingerman's in Ann Arbor

So here is the fabulous Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure.  Last week, I was polling Facebook to see if people thought I should have a travel talisman, ala the gnome, that would go with me on my Summer adventures.  There were several items mentioned including some kind of School of Information swag as well as a small University of Michigan flag...and then someone mentioned the Librarian Action Figure and the talisman was born.  It's kind of fitting that Nancy Pearl, a real life librarian in Seattle, is also an UM alumna.  The action figure is pretty hilarious as it has a shushing action - pull her arm down and press the button on her back and she shushes you.  My intention is to find some kind of sticker for her skirt or jacket that is UM or SI related.  Since she is to be my constant companion on this trip, I'm trying to get used to her being around and of course, not to lose her.  Expect more pre-departure pictures of her as I get ready.

jj pionke,
Apr 14, 2012, 8:54 PM