posted Dec 16, 2012, 5:39 PM by jj pionke
I've seen a lot of things going around when it comes to discussing what happened at Newton.  Ultimately, this country needs to have a various serious discussion about mental health and how we need more access to therapy/care.  We also need to stop stigmatizing the need for mental health assistance.  We take care of our bodies with the help of doctors.  Why wouldn't we see therapists to take care of our minds?  Everyone I have ever met has suffered from depression on some level.  It's part of the human condition.  We can't be up and happy all the time.  Sometimes, we just need help and we shouldn't be afraid to ask for it when we need it.  What happened at Newton is a tragedy on so many levels.

It sickens me deeply that Westboro and their brand of hate are going to be at Newton soon.  I wish that America's educators could rally in Newton and provide a human fence 5 deep between the town and Westboro. 

As an educator, I have been asked by my students in the past what I would do if something like Newton or Columbine or VA Tech or NIU happened while we were in session and without hesitation, I told them I would protect them with my life if necessary.  My students might be adults, but in a classroom, I am their leader and I have a responsibility to protect them from shooters, fire, tornadoes, and whatever else comes our way when we are together.