posted Aug 18, 2011, 7:01 PM by jj pionke
I slept terribly last night.  There are several reasons why this is so, but one of them is anxiety over going back to school and all the decisions that get made therein.  I had dinner yesterday with a group of people that was a mix of those that had just graduated and were hitting the job market really hard and those of us that were just starting.  The woman that I sat next to, who had just graduated, was a little older and had also been a college professor so we got along really well.  My career path right now and the one that I have been focusing on is Library Science but this woman was an ARM student (Archives and Records Management).  What she talked about sounded fun and interesting.  When I went to bed last night, I had a thought zipping through my brain that was, what if I should be an ARM student instead of LIS?  

Today, I had dinner with a second year.  We were undergrads together and I highly value her opinion.  She remarked that there was probably a lot of overlap between the two specializations and that I should consider double specializing.  I explained that I felt LIS was a better fit for a whole host of reasons and she said that basically, LIS is more of a sure thing while ARM is riskier.

And she's right, as she so often is.....which is why I value her insight and opinion.  So, here I am printing out the requirements for ARM so I can read them carefully and see if it will be possible to do a double specialization.  I dunno.  We'll see.  I am curious about ARM and have been for a long time.  However, I know that I am probably more marketable in LIS.  As my friend said, most people change their specializations at least once when they get here....and it looks like I am no different.  Still, until I come to terms with changes to the plan that I have, I am sure that my unconscious brain will continue to throw anxiety dreams at me.  oy.