Romantic Relationships

posted Nov 17, 2011, 10:01 PM by jj pionke
I am not sure what it is about grad school, or really going to college in general, but either a relationship survives it or the relationship doesn't.  I've never had a relationship survive education.  I'm a very very very driven individual and once I set my teeth into something, that is it, I will go after it until the end.  I've always prioritized my education above all else.  Still, it makes me sad that some really amazing people that I have dated gave up on me (or let's be fair, I gave up on one or two).  A friend of mine recently told me that in grad school either the relationship falls apart  or it comes out stronger than ever before.

Grad school is this intense experience that completely changes who you are in so many ways.  It's not just about getting more knowledge, it's about changing something in yourself that is fundamental to your identity.  When you think of it that way, it's no wonder that relationships either fall apart or get stronger.  I wish things were different, but I can't fault those that have left - this is, after all, a pretty drastic change being in grad school.

Sometimes, the roads we walk are not easy by any stretch of the imagination and that is ok too.  If everything was easy, where would be the fun in that?  However, it doesn't mean that I am not sad at endings or that I don't think of what might have been.  I think that is rather normal and very human.

And that is my two cents on relationships in grad school.