School Days

posted Sep 9, 2012, 1:01 PM by jj pionke
I got home from my trip, spent a few days at home, and then came back to Ann Arbor where I picked up my internship in the Bentley once more.  I was able to put in a week there in between welcoming the first years in my program and also doing things like going to the doctor and dentist.  Last week was the first week of school - a short week because of Labor Day.  It was a week of frustration and an exercise in patience, but that is ok.  Sometimes, first weeks are like that.  This week is a full week so my Monday class is finally going to meet and one of the classes I teach online is finally starting as well.  So, this week is going to be the true test week of is everything going to fit?

This semester, I am taking:

Literature for Children and Young Adults
Online Searching and Databases
Physical Treatments for Preservation
Information and Control
American Culture Seminar (Digital Communities)

Should be fun!