Summer Plans

posted Jun 4, 2014, 12:25 PM by jj pionke
Now that the regular school year has ended and Summer School has just begun, the library is relatively quiet.  This means that it is time to work on projects of all flavors.  This Summer, I need to write two book chapters and a conference paper among other things.  I am also working on a wide variety of projects at work that deal with LibGuides (we are going to be moving to V2 sometime this Summer!  So excited!), instruction, and reaching out to my people.  I'm also going to Librarian Science Bootcamp in Connecticut!  I am thrilled to be going to that.  I am hoping to learn a lot and I feel that I will.

I'm also doing fun stuff at home too.  I'm riding my motorcycle more, reading books for fun (I just polished off the Eragon series), and I am taking a drawing class this Summer at the local arts center.  All really exciting stuff!  Also, my plants haven't died yet.  I am feeling pretty proud of myself!