Taking Stock

posted Dec 3, 2012, 6:51 PM by jj pionke
It's end of term right now which means that everything is happening all at once.  There are papers to grade, papers to write, professors to meet, students to meet, paperwork to fill out, and so on.  In short, there is a lot of stuff going on right now.  Next week is the last week of the term and it's a short week, 2 days, then 2 study days, then finals start.  Luckily, my one final is take home and other than a few little assignments and finishing up a 20 page paper, I just have grading to do.  It's not the worst semester that I have ever had, but not my best either.  I've been struggling with reverse culture shock and impending graduation come May and all sorts of other things.  I was feeling pretty down earlier today in part because it was super foggy all day and in part because I've had a tension headache for days.  At any rate, as I was limping to class, I started wondering where the heck the year had gone?  What have I done this year?  This led to some taking stock which is listed out here as a reminder to myself that it was a busy year and an awesome one, even if right now is goofy overwhelming and stressful.

This year, by the numbers in no particular order:

7 countries visited: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Uganda, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada
1 planet circumnavigated
2 exhibits created for the Bentley Historical Library
1 year of graduate school at UM finished
1 week spent working at the Library of Congress
1 GRE taken
1680 pages read in Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller trilogy while flying
1 fanfic written for an exchange
1 online class taught while traveling this past Summer
1 guest lecture about my international internships
2 stories told in a public setting about my time overseas
53 postcards sent while abroad
1 fibula slightly dislocated
1 concert by Joshua Bell attended
1 book made in a workshop
3 portfolios created
1 dead motorcycle battery
2 number of moves not including travel over the Summer
5 sewing repairs made with a travel sewing kit that I through in my luggage as an afterthought
2 showers taken under the stars while on safari

This all in addition to the hundreds of pages of papers graded, thousands of pages read for courses, and the couple of hundred photographs taken while abroad.