University of Michigan School of Information Orientation

posted Sep 1, 2011, 2:00 PM by jj pionke
I've been at the UMich SI Orientation for the last two days.  The two days before that, I was at Graduate Student Instructor training, which I am sure if I was a brand spanking new teacher would have been great, but since I am well seasoned, was boring.  Anyway, UMich SI Orientation was interesting.  Day one covered pretty much everything that I had read on the website.  I suppose if I had spent my Summer not reading the website, I would have gotten more out of it, but still, it was fun to meet professors, people in my specialty  etc.  Today's orientation focused on team building.  One of the classes that is required, and that most students take their first semester unless they are part time, is 501 which is a team based class.  So, my team and I did team building exercises for two hours.  I am sure that our team is going to be fine.  We are diverse in so many ways which can be a blessing or a curse.  We'll see.  We had an academic integrity lecture after lunch which was actually really really good and I am really hoping I can take that professor.  Then there was an ice cream social.  :)

Overall, the orientation was fun and useful, though I felt a little overwhelmed at times, which I think is pretty normal.  I am a little worried about my group but, enh, it's me being a worrywort.  I can say that because of the academic advising that we got yesterday that I changed some of my classes around and feel better about trying on a class and then dropping it if it is too much.  

Next week, the first week of school!  I am excited and nervous!