Usability Design

posted Feb 24, 2013, 6:48 AM by jj pionke
One of the classes that I am taking this semester is on usability design.  It's a group project course so my team and I have a client that we are working with all semester.  Our client is the Bentley Historical Library, the same library that I made the exhibit for.  Honestly, I am quite excited to be working there again.  I really enjoyed my time there and I like working with the people.  At any rate, the course spends the semester thinking about how we use things and how to improve things to make them easier to use.  It's not a redesign class, more of an evaluative one.  We had to do an interaction map, interviews, survey, usability testing, etc.  In short, here is a thing, how do people actually use it rather than how we think they use it?  On the one hand, this seems pretty duh, but on the other hand, how often do we actually just ask people how they do things and why they do the things that they do.  It's been a very eye-opening class in many ways.  I can see how the skills in this class would totally be useful in so many other situations including teaching and instructional design.