Winter Holidays and Academia Part 2

posted Dec 30, 2012, 2:59 PM by jj pionke
We are hitting the end of the holidays for the most part.  I unabashedly did nothing academic whatsoever for at least a solid week during the Christmas holiday.  I am a firm believer in taking breaks.  When I traveled this past year around the world, I made a very conscious choice to relax.  I knew that the stress of traveling was going to be more than enough so I packed no books that were associated with classes or my intended career.  In fact, I deliberately limited my social media because I wanted a break and a more immersive experience into the places that I was going.  At the end of every semester, it pays in spades to put the books and email and stuff that goes with learning/teaching down and just be.  Read a book that has no caloric value whatsoever, watch a few movies, eat Mom's cooking, sleep in, and catch up with relatives that I don't see often.  Doing so helps me recharge my batteries and let's face it, taking a break often offers new insights later on.  Though I certainly kept an eye on my email because I am never really totally disconnected, I did things for fun because I could including building a Lego Death Star, which I promptly named Bob.

I also spent some time on Christmas decorations.  These were from stencils that someone mentioned on Facebook.  I didn't do all of the stencils cause I am far more of a original Star Wars series fan than a new series fan...

I find that doing tasks that is about concentration but not necessarily thinking deeply is just what I need after a very long semester.  I love academia and just like anything that you love, you need to know when to take a short break so you can be energized when you return to it.  That is really true of just about anything that you love.  It's been a great break and now I am gearing up for a new term and I find myself really looking forward to it.