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1st day of work!

posted Jun 1, 2012, 10:02 PM by jj pionke

The first day of work went really well.  You know how first days are.  You meet a zillion people and you aren’t really working – you are just learning where everything is for the most part.  Still, my first day was really interesting.  I met with Mani who is in charge of information literacy and I will be working closely with her to create an information literacy program.  We had an intense and very valuable conversation while she showed me the NUS Library homepage.  Then I was taken to Ruby who was doing an orientation to the library databases for new honors students.  She was really funny and did a good job with the orientation.  I learned a few new tricks for searching that I didn’t know.  YAY!

We had a very long lunch to celebrate my visit and the hiring of two other people so it was fun.  There was a lot of laughter and I asked a few of the burning questions like what’s up with the Singapore’s poor recycling program and what do Singaporean’s do with their dead (mostly cremated but some are buried), as well as why is the dirt here orange (no one knew) and how big is the campus (8000ish meters - think). 

They’ve created a very comprehensive orientation program for their interns which involves me basically visiting every department and learning the ins and outs of every part of library.  I am actually pretty excited about this as there is no such comprehensive introduction to librarianship at UM.  This is a break time for the students here so like professors and librarians everywhere, this time is used for catching up, finishing or starting projects, etc.  I am very aware this also a relaxing time because the students aren’t here…as evidenced by the spontaneous polka music that erupted from one of the cubes complete with dancing.  *laughs* If it is like this all the time, I am totally going to love being here this month!

So, was a good day.   I started out nervous and got there nearly an hour before I needed to be there but it was been interesting and fun.  Ah-Too told me that basically there have only ever been 5 interns so I am somewhat of a rarity for the library here.  I’m very glad I am here!

On the way home, my left foot started hurting, bad enough to limp so my plans have changed for the weekend.  I was going to try and go exploring some more but I think the foot is a sign that I need to just spend the weekend letting my body rest and not overdo it.  I might go afield a little bit to find food, but other than that, the only thing I see in my future is laundry, tidying up, and reading.  It’s not a bad thing.  I ran around Singapore a lot in the two days that I had before work started and considering that I am not in shape by any type of definition, the fact that I got as far as I did is impressive but now it feels like it is time to rest a bit, journal a bit, catch up on email, that kind of thing.  That’s the nature of culture shock.  Everything is exciting and fun until you realize that the food tastes slightly different, the sky isn’t the same, the air smells like not home.  Home is comforting and familiar and when we leave the comforting and familiar, we are bound to long for it.  I have half a mind to go looking for pizza this weekend.