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A Little Bit of Everything

posted Jun 14, 2012, 7:03 PM by jj pionke
Been a few days.  Mostly, I've just been working at the Hong Sui Sen Memorial Library (Business Library) and it's been pretty quiet.  I love my colleagues. They are funny, smart, kind, and very helpful.  I am going to miss them when I go back to the Central Library next week.  I've written a series of basic reports and examples of materials for them as well as sitting in on a few meetings (including one about disaster planning, I'd like to think that I contributed, but I am not sure that I did).

I've been told that this is summer break for the students all over Singapore right now and that they go back to school at the end of June therefore, the buses and trains are much lighter than normal.  ....are they crazy?!  Everyday, I mostly have to stand on the bus cause we are crammed in like sardines!  I can't imagine what it would be like to have even more people on it.  I guess I will find out in a week or so.

Saw Prometheus last night.  I really enjoyed the film and I am glad I saw it.  It has its' problems and it definitely is set up for a sequel which I would love to see happen.  In terms of moving going experience, I went to the Shaw theater at Jcube which is a mall by Jurong East MRT.  I've been to JCube before.  I am glad that I caught the 630 show because then I was able to zip down to the supermarket and get shampoo and body wash, both of which I am nearly out of.  Anyway, the theaters here are all stadium seating and was mostly comfortable though my back did not thank me when I stood up at the end of the movie.  They have sweet popcorn in movie theaters as well as salty so of course I got the sweet.  It was ok.  Not as good as the sweet popcorn I had in London when I lived there, but still quite tasty.  When you buy your movie ticket, you pick your seat - like if you were buying an airplane ticket.  The price was comparable to US prices, S$8.50 though I think that price was a non-premium type of price.  Also, I went to the regular digital showing, not 3D. 

Had Indian food yesterday for lunch.  Actually, it is more accurate to say that Indian food was brought to me which was very sweet.  One of the items that my officemates brought me were these potato curry puff pastries that were just to die for.  I could have made a meal out of like 5 of those.  Must try to find a puff pastry place that is more accessible towards home.  For dinner, I went to a restaurant, pricier, but I do want to try different things.  I went to a place called Nandos which is afro-portugeuse.  I had a chicken sandwich and fries and went for the no heat options.  The food was quite good, not exactly worth what I paid for it, but ah well.  Jcube has an ice rink and Nandos was along one side so it was a bit nippy in the dining area.  The ice rink is the first such ice rink in a mall.

Other than that, just reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and relaxing.  My left ankle is getting better (I hit is pretty good on a marble step in Bangkok) and I've been trying to get more sleep.  It's also been really hot here the last few days.  This morning I walked out of the condo and thought to myself, it's gonna be crazy hot today.  The officemates have remarked that this has been unusual and that today is hotter than normal.  This weekend, I intend to at least go see something in the center of Singapore.  If it is going to stay crazy hot, I am totally thinking museum.