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Asian Civilizations Museum

posted Jun 16, 2012, 10:14 PM by jj pionke
Yesterday, I went to the Asian Civilizations Museum.  It's in the heart of the colonial district downtown and a tourist area.  Compared to the museums I am used to going to, this museum was quite small.  I was through it in about 2 hours though to be honest, I didn't read many placards.  I still had a great deal of fun however.  There is a textiles exhibit going on that was interesting and of more interest was a 9th century boat that had been found.  That particular exhibit talked about the findings and had many artifacts.  The wreck was significant because it was from a time period that not much is known about and the cargo was incredibly well preserved.  Here is a closeup of ceramic bowls that were taken from the wreck of which there was something like 50,000.

ACM bowls up close

In short, it was an interesting visit to the museum and I am glad I went.  I thought about taking a river cruise, but it was S$22 for 45 minutes and it was getting to be quite hot at that point.  Here is a picture of the museum from across the river, where the MRT stop is. 

ACM from across the river

I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and puttering.  Today, I am doing more puttering.  I thought about going out and doing something else, but really, I just want to spend the day lazing about, reading, doing word search, and maybe napping.  Though, I think the next item on my agenda will be to fill out more postcards.  As always, there are a few more pictures on flickr.