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Bangkok: Final Thoughts

posted Jun 11, 2012, 12:49 AM by jj pionke
I am glad I went.  I got to see some amazing things like this Garuda:

Garuda at Grand Palace

I loved the Wats and had a great time watching the boxing.  The massage was amazing and I wish I could get them regularly.  On the other hand, the sex tourism trade is alive and well in Thailand.  I saw many older white men with young Thai women and you know there was only reason for them to be together.  The heat was pretty impressive.  Bangkok is hot, dirty, overcrowded and frustrating.  Just like any city, there are local people that are friendly and those that aren't.  Mostly I got lucky and met people like Tukta, but those that weren't like her sucked and that was where the frustration came in.  Still, I can say I have been to Bangkok and how many people can say that?  Would I go back?  Perhaps, especially if I was with someone else, but there are many other places in the world that I still want to see. 

Wat Po Buddhas