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Books, Presentation, and Food!

posted Jun 28, 2012, 12:23 AM by jj pionke
Tuesday night I ventured to Bugis which is an MRT stop in the central part of the city but it's also a mall.  The reason for my trip was to pick up a few books for the various planes and layovers that I have while I travel to Entebbe, Uganda.  I leave in the wee hours of Monday morning so it is my fervent hope that I will sleep at least for a little while on the plane and then read for awhile, land, have a layover where will read more, and then read on the flight from Johannesburg to Entebbe.  We'll see.  At any rate, I went to a bookstore in Bugis.  It was easier to get to than the bigger store on Orchard Rd.  I did find a few books including one written by a Sri Lankan, one written by a Singaporean, and an American book.  I'm only going to take one additional book with me on the plane and put the rest in my luggage since I still have 600 pages left of The Wise Man's Fear.  Before I went up to the bookstore, I stopped for some dinner.  As I was leaving, part of a girls rowing team of some kind came in and I spotted this on one of their paddles.  How cool is that?

Decepticon paddle

Wednesday, I had a presentation on preservation which went really well. 


Afterwards, there was lunch at a really nice Chinese restaurant on campus.  The food was excellent and I learned what floss is on food.  It's desiccated pork dust.  Sounds gross but it was fantastic.  On the left are vegetables, to the right is eggplant strips that have floss on them, and in the background is sweet ginger chicken.  So good!

Chinese dinner with floss on eggplant strips