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ever have that feeling....

posted May 29, 2012, 4:33 PM by jj pionke
that you aren't entirely sure when or where you are?  I imagine that this is probably how Doc felt when his DeLorean worked on some level.  Anyway, I am here in Singapore and I am reasonably sure that it is Wednesday morning.  Getting here of course proved to be an adventure.  My flight out of Chicago was delayed by 5 hours....with all of us on the plane.  It was warm to say the least.  I was seated near the wings so I would say that the temperature was in the low 80s where I was.  The key to long distance travel is to have a seemingly endless well of patience.  I pulled out my book, The Name of the Wind and started reading.  By the time I got to Singapore, I plowed through about 400 pages (out of 700ish).  It's quite a good read by the way and I do recommend it.  Other than departing Chicago 5 hours late, the flights were mostly uneventful.  The storms just outside of Chicago made for a bit of bucking bronco type of a ride for awhile and then again when we crossed some serious jet stream action between Tokyo and Hong Kong.  We had a 2 hour layover in Tokyo which was enough time to shoo us all off the plane, use the facilities, grab a soda, and get back on the plane.  It was quite nice to be in Japan again, even if only Narita airport.  I got extremely lucky on both legs of the trip here in that I was seated next to an open seat so I was able to put the armrest up and be quite comfortable.  yay!

It's just a bit after 7am here I think and I've had a bit of a nap.  The young man who was charged with meeting me here at this apartment was indeed here - though I feel bad because my flights were delayed and I had no way to tell him so.  The taxi driver last night was quite nice and showed me a bit of the sights as we went whizzing by them on the way to the apartment where I am staying.  Since I got here at going on 4am, I felt a bit like a thief in the night - sneaking into Singapore.

Today my goal is to find the MRT (subway/metra), exchange money so I can pay my landlady whenever she appears, and figure out exactly where I am. Other than knowing that I am on the western side of Singapore as you look at map...I couldn't actually point out on that map where exactly I am.

It's hot and humid here and today is overcast.  I'm tired and will be for a few days, my nose is a little clogged up, and my stomach is telling me that it is time for a meal and yet, here I am!  Singapore!  WOOHOO!