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Getting ready for Singapore!

posted Mar 19, 2012, 8:33 AM by jj pionke
I leave for Singapore at the end of May and it is currently the middle of March.  What have I been doing?  I've been researching housing options and frantically applying for every single scholarship option I can in order to hopefully get some funding.  I am very excited about this trip.  The money aspect is a bit scary, but the actual traveling, not so much.  I've done hardcore international travel before so the culture shock and so forth are not unknown to me.  I find the logistics issues to be interesting.  For instance, trying to find lodging has been kind of worrisome and yet fascinating.  On the other hand, I discovered the other day as I was seriously looking at flights from Chicago to Singapore that the layover point is Tokyo and that total flying time is 20 hours.  YAY exhaustion!

Logistics aside, I find myself thinking more and more about the trip.  What foods will I experience?  Will I be able to readily find some good black tea?  What will the job be like at the National University of Singapore?  Will my work there make a difference?  What challenges will face?

Right now, I am in a holding pattern.  Making some plans and thinking about what I am going to cram into my luggage is what I am putting the bulk of my planning into while I wait to hear about funding.