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God is in the Rain

posted Jun 29, 2012, 8:49 PM by jj pionke
Bonus points if you know where the title for this post comes from.

I find it serendipitous that in the first full night or so that I was here, it poured so hard that it woke me up and I was comforted.  The month of June saw almost no rain here.  A little here and there but nothing substantial.  It's pouring right now.  I'm home because I decided to laze about, sleep in, and pack.  Tomorrow I am going to Little India with a friend from work, then back here for more laundry and a shower and packing.  Another friend is going to give me a lift to the airport in the late evening.  I have my windows open (those that are protected by eaves) and the roar of the water is glorious.  I can hear hooting and hollaring as people welcome the rain and the thunder sounds like an old friend.  I came with the rain and I leave with it.