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It's not the heat...

posted May 30, 2012, 8:51 AM by jj pionke
it's the humidity.  I foresee a lot of sweating in my future.  Was up early so gathered up my stuff and went exploring.  I got an ez-link card to ride the trains and buses and then rode the MRT (train) downtown.  Partially I figured I would have an easier time finding a moneychanger and partially I wanted to do some exploring.  I got off at Raffles Hotel.

Raffles Hotel

Everything was still closed when I got there but I was able to find a shop selling breakfast which I had and also sat down to figure out what next.  The shop ladies pointed me towards the moneychanger and then I wandered a bit.  I found the National Library and eventually came upon the Singapore Art Museum which is for contemporary art.  Fun place and quite conceptual. Recognize something in that picture?  The white blob in the background is Walter - a bunny rabbit balloon that apparently travels around Singapore as an art piece.

library action figure at the Singapore Art Museum with Walter the bunny

The library was fun too.  After all that, I was fairly tired and the jet lag caught up with me so I made my way back to the apt.  I stopped at a hawker center across the way and had my first hawker meal - nice a relatively bland by Sinaporean standards.

1st hawker stall meal

I slept for longer than I thought I was going to after lunch, but that is ok.  That's jet lag.  I met some friends of my landlady for dinner.  We had Japanese food and I asked a zillion tourist/foreigner questions.  I also discovered that my landlady is gone for the entire month.  Her condo is really really nice!  I got double lucky to have been connected to her as this is a nice place and now it's pretty much all to me for the month! hooray! 

Tomorrow, try to find my way to the NUS Central Library.  Do more sightseeing if I feel up to it.  If not, more sleeping and some reading too.  So far, Singapore is very interesting.  Lots of people - speaking many languages.  Everyone has been friendly and helpful, even if they arent sure of the answer to my question.  Everything is green and lush with all sorts of different plants and different smells.