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KL: Saturday

posted Jun 25, 2012, 5:32 AM by jj pionke
When I awoke, in short order, I got the toilet fixed, had breakfast, put my passport etc in the hotel safe, played phone tag with Jacquelyn, and then went off to meet her.

Jacquelyn is really the entire reason for going to KL.  She and I were roommates in Japan for awhile and hadn't seen each other in years.  She had me meet her at a cafe outside of a popular and large shopping mall.  The name of the cafe was Espressmenti or something similar but Jac and her friends called it illi because the waitresses wore shirts that said illi on them.  It was a delightful cafe, in the shade, prompt service, good food, and they didn't mind that we were there for all afternoon.  Jac and I just spent our time hanging out and catching up.  The day was really quite nice and not full of the punishing heat that has been around the entire month.  She had arranged to meet a friend of hers to get manicures and I had her take me to a massage place.  I got a full body massage and it was about 30USD or thereabouts.  It felt great.  Afterwards, I headed back to the hotel for a little while.  Then I met Jac for dinner and drinks at a place near her apt.  Her boyfriend, Bruno joined us.

Jac and Bruno

Sorry for the blur.  Bruno is really sweet.  They make an excellent pair.  They were going to another location for more drinking but I wanted to see a bit of Chinatown at night so I headed back towards the hotel and once I got there, I walked around for a bit.  I didn't find much interesting in terms of purchasing, but it was fun just walking around and hearing people and seeing all the stuff.

KL Chinatown

I had a pretty good day actually.  It was nice and relaxing.  KL is a place of doing things, not necessarily seeing things.  Spending time with a friend, getting a massage, reading a bit, walking the streets a little.  That's KL.  More on that in a later post.