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KL: Sunday

posted Jun 25, 2012, 5:59 AM by jj pionke
Sunday dawned bright and cheery. I didn't sleep fantastically well, but that is ok.  I had breakfast and then off towards the Sri Mariaman temple which wasn't that far away according to the map and it wasn't far.  The heat had returned with a vengeance however and there had been some sort of race that morning so there was redirected traffic all over the place and people in blue and white runners tshirts.  But, I did find the temple.  Services seem to be in action so I didn't go in, but I did take pics of the outside.  Here is a closeup:

KL Mariaman Temple

After that I wandered a bit more and stumbled on a Chinese temple, again, there seemed to have been some kind of service going on and I didn't want to disturb so I didn't go in.

KL Chinese Temple

By this point, I was really starting to sweat and knew I needed water so I swung by the Central Market and got some.  The vendors were just starting to set up for the day so nothing much was there.  I then wandered a bit more and finally saw a spot in the shade to hail a taxi.  I got another driver with barely a lick of English but I managed to convey that I wanted to go here:

KL Patronas Towers

I was surprised by the shiny nature of the buildings.  I don't think of American building as all that shiny, unlike the Empire State Building in NYC.  The Patronas Towers are very shiny.  It was fun.  I didn't go up to the bridge - you gotta be there super early in the day and there are only like 1700 tickets a day so bah humbug to that.  I wandered a bit, went into the mall and found a bookstore for postcards.  Then I found a posh hotel, settled in with some tea and a fruit tarte and spent a rather peaceful two hours in air conditioned comfort drinking tea, writing, and savoring the tarte.  The mall had a post office so the postcards got mailed right away.  I wandered a bit more and then it was time to go back to the airport.  The ride back cost 130 Ringgit, almost double what the ride to the city had cost and I used a cab that was on the meter, not a tout.  That said, I also used a nice cab (the blue ones are known for meters and being English speaking and reliable) so I am not surprised by the price.  The flight was somewhat delayed, where have we heard that before, but I got back to S'pore with all my pieces in tact.  In fact, while night had fallen, I was able to take the MRT to home so yay, cheap!

I met my one week roommate.  She is here for a month but I am leaving late Sunday night for Uganda.  She is an accountant.  Today, Monday, was her first day on the new job and she had a good time of it, so that is good news.  She's nice.