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Second day of work

posted Jun 4, 2012, 5:09 AM by jj pionke   [ updated Jun 4, 2012, 5:11 AM ]
The second day of work was actually more of the first.  More orientations, a lunch with the information literacy crew, and filling out paperwork for the UM side of the internship.  The second part of the day was focused on information services (reference).  We had a long walking tour of the library.  One thing that I found interesting and somewhat horrifying was that there is virtually no preservation going on here.  The person giving the orientation casually mentioned that quite a bit of their microfilm/fiche has vinegar syndrome.  I have felt the heavy duty temperature and humidity swings that occur in the Central Library and if the goal is long term use, then it’s a preservation problem that really needs to be addressed.  However, from what everyone has been saying, the focus of the collection is on the most recent and up to date materials.  I can understand that as space is at a super premium here.  Still, my preservation heart just aches for what the environment is doing to the materials here.  Ah well.

At any rate, the orientations and tours were informative.  Wednesday I am to present recommendations for the information literacy program.  Guess what I am working on tonight?