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Starfruit and other things

posted Jun 6, 2012, 4:52 PM by jj pionke
Had a meeting today with the information literacy crew and it was pretty awesome.  I’ve got a teetering pile of things to do and I think it’s all doable (depending on a wide array of factors of course).  Mostly, I will be creating scaffolding in which to hang the current ad hoc information literacy program off of.  I will be generating several reports about teaching and filling in the gaps in the knowledge that students have.  I will also be doing a few presentations and letting the librarians pick my teacher brain so they have a better idea of why teachers do what they do.  In short, I am a kind of spy.  LOL  I’ve got 3.5 weeks in which to make a whole lotta stuff.  It’ll be fun and interesting.  yay!

Kah Wei (who is awesome, we got along like a house on fire) gave me a starfruit, see below.  She told me it is ripe and that I just need to cut off the brown edges and then eat it.  It was quite good.  It’s definitely citrus and the fruit was tougher than I expected.  Tougher than an orange but not as tough as say a hard apple.  I wouldn’t want to eat it everyday, but yay fruit!

starfruit cut up

In other news, today’s commute was positively chilly I tell you, at a frigid 84 degrees.  I think it might have rained a bit last night cause the ground looked wet and there’s been a delicious breeze all day.  If I wasn’t working, I would totally be out sightseeing.  It’s a perfect day for it.  The nearest canteen (food court) is a short walk from where I am currently stationed in Asset Management (I move over to Kah Wei’s office next week for the entire week) and it’s an open court.  I sat around the edge and caught a good breeze.  It was positively heavenly.