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Talking About the MLibrary Portal

posted Jun 21, 2012, 1:09 AM by jj pionke   [ updated Jun 21, 2012, 1:09 AM ]
I was giving a presentation the other day about how I, as a teacher, use Blackboard and Ctools (the Sakai based course management system used by the University of Michigan).  At one point they started asking questions about where all the links went and we landed up on the Mlibrary homepage and everything got very discussion heavy and excited after that.  They stopped the meeting and then asked if I could give a presentation on the MLibrary search box to a larger group.  Yesterday, I gave that presentation to about 30 or so people.  They turned it into a regular party.  Someone brought some guava as a snack and then I started in on my presentation.  I had a few powerpoint slides to create context and give a brief explanation of how the search box worked and then I did a demonstration that pulled a search topic from the audience.  It was quite a bit of fun actually and of course there were questions that came from outside of the scope of the original presentation but that is ok.  Several different people asked me to do presentations next week on a variety of topics so yay!

Here I am at the head of the room:

Me giving a presentation