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1st Day in the Archive

posted Jul 4, 2012, 10:25 AM by jj pionke
It went well I think.  The archive has very kindly allowed us to completely take over the reading room.  It's about the size of the living room back at my parents house so we aren't talking that big.  There are several wooden tables and windows, and of course the walls are lined with shelving holdings books, boxes, and papers.  The light is pretty good.  There is enough electrical hookups for everyone.  Today, there were 6 of us working and we got through around 5ish boxes which is pretty good because the first stage of this Summer's project is to do an entire roomful of these.  It's a bit mind-numbing but oddly interesting too.  Mostly, it's just data entry but then your eyes catch something and pause for a moment to read about so and so wanting to come and hunt game or Mrs. X applying for a job and there is a picture attached.  Overall, I think it went quite well.  We had a lot of talking and discussing as we tried to figure out conventions that we could all agree on and once we got started, it was good.  It helps that we all seem to get along so far, so, yay!

Anna's Corner, a restaurant owned by an Irishman, started carrying burgers today and I stopped to have one on the way home even though we had breakfast there, for the 4th of July.

4th of July Burger

I thought you all might want to see a picture of my cell phone too.  It's so small!  I got one in Ugandan colors: black, yellow, red.

My Ugandan Cell Phone

It's sitting on our ironing board btw.  The apt really is quite nice though it's not the Hilton.  For example, we have a microwave, but the cord is so short it won't reach any outlet nearby and there is no convenient way to move it closer to an outlet or we have a hot water heater but it is only connected to the bathroom sink which means that showers are a bit on the cold side - last night I did the quick shower and then washed my hair in the sink cause the idea of ducking my head under cold water just made me want to cry.  That said, I completely understand that we have an extremely nice place and my complaints are utterly minor and hello my privilege is showing.  At least I know it.

On the other hand, I think the walk to and from the archive is gonna kill me for awhile.  It's about 8 or 9 blocks or so which is mostly fine going as it is largely downhill.  Coming back is mostly uphill and we live on the 3rd floor.  I need to take a break halfway and luckily Anna's Corner is basically halfway.  So, I think I will be spending some change on water or soda or something to have a nice bit of a breather and then continue on towards home.  At least I'll have nice muscular thighs at the end of 6 weeks, right?

Everyone has said that the dust gets into everything and they are right - it does.  My gym shoes which are white and grey are now red along the bottoms and about an inch or so up from the ground.  I am sincerely hoping that I don't encounter much, if any, rain. Though, we did have very heavy fog this morning.  Shower and bed - it was a long day.

Happy 4th of July everyone!