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A bit of this and that

posted Jul 6, 2012, 10:18 AM by jj pionke
Some observations from here:

There are dragonflies everywhere.  Where there were nearly no bugs at all in Singapore, Uganda teems with them.  Most seem to some variety or other of fly.  What gets me the most are the dragonflies.  They are small, about the length of a finger up to two knuckles, often black with clear wings that have black markings at or near the tips.  Especially in the morning when our steps disturb them in the grass by the side of the road, they fly along only 2-3 inches off the ground, skimming along like dolphins.  It's really quite pretty.

I have finally started to recognize when a shack is a home and when it is a place for food or a store of some kind. 

I still can't hear anything of the language but most people seem to speak at least a little English.

The power goes out frequently.  At the archive at least, it's short term.  A few minutes here and there.  It was out for hours here at the apt on Tuesday.  Also, things randomly start  and stop working.  Today, I came home to find that the stove no longer turned on.  I think it has something to do with the socket.  Also, the tv is no longer getting a signal...though there is a DVD player which I suppose would be great....if I had any DVDs.  OTOH, we finally have hot water for the shower.  We discovered that hot is cold and cold is hot.

Tomorrow, I shall attempt to do my laundry, in two buckets.  One for washing and one for soaking.  I borrowed the buckets from downstairs.  The laundromat is to hire a woman to do the laundry.  Considering that I only have roughly one week's worth of clothes, I will have to do laundry every week.  It'll be an adventure right?  Here's hoping that I don't destroy any of my clothes cause I got no way to replace them easily.

Tonight's dinner is ramen and maybe some mango later as they are ripe.  The roomie is gone for the weekend (dental emergency) so the apt is mine all mine!  My exciting plans include laundry, sleeping, and grading.  Still, it will be nice to just stay put and putter.