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posted Jul 12, 2012, 2:32 AM by jj pionke   [ updated Jul 16, 2012, 11:55 PM ]
Let's talk about preservation for a few minutes.  My main task here at the National Archives of Uganda is to catalog one collection - the Secretariat.  There are secondary objectives of course.  A personal objective is to document the preservation issues that are present within the archive for future preservation teams so that they can bring the necessary equipment and expertise.  The archive is housed in a basement right next to the toilets which often don't work and admittedly have backed up a few times.  The ever present dust is in everything.  The archives have suffered from bug and rodent damage as well as water and humidity issues.  The archives staff has done extremely well with what they have and the circumstances that they operate in.  The state of the archives is in no way a negative reflection of them - please let me make that absolutely clear.    Here is a picture of a badly damaged file, most likely from insects:

insect damage

That said, I am finding the work here fascinating and being here where there are so many different types of files and in so many conditions is a preservationist's dream.  I am learning a lot and the experience is invaluable.

Also, I am having problems with internet.  I have no idea if it is my computer or if it is the modem so things might be sporadic for awhile - no idea.