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Arrival of the Reporter

posted Jul 22, 2012, 5:47 AM by jj pionke
So my friend the Reporter is here!  So excited!  She flew in via Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  When I flew in from Singapore, there was like no one at the airport and we were the only plane that was landing at that time so Harriet the taxi driver and the Roomie met me with no problems.  Today, Harriet and I went to the airport and there were four flights arriving all at the same time.  There were people everywhere.  It was fine of course.  We found a good place to lean against the information desk and just hung out and waited until the Reporter came through.  It is so good to see her!  She brought me tea -  you have absolutely no idea how happy I am for the tea.  The tea here is disgusting and I just couldn't drink one more cup.  I could just kiss her with joy!  She's having a nap at the moment and we'll walk down the hill and have dinner out.  She's here for two weeks and I am quite curious to see what she is going to want to do and see.  Should be fun!  It's so good to have a friend visit from home!