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Babble of kid's voices.....silence....YAY!

posted Jul 20, 2012, 9:43 AM by jj pionke
The area where the apt is located is surrounded by children.  There's probably about 20-30 of them at various ages.  There's a pack out back that play together.  There is about 6 or so depending on the day.  They play some sort of game where they will all be babbling or chanting and sometimes they break out into cheers.  The times where they go completely silent and then a few heartbeats later they erupt into cheers always cracks me up.  There's one boy in particular that has the makings of a sergeant due to his bellow.  My neighbor told me that the people that live in this area are the families of soldiers. 

There seems to be a cow in the neighborhood.  At least, it sounds like the lowing of a cow.

I learned today that brideprice is still very much in use here.  A friend is going to a wedding where the bride is worth 3 cows and other animals etc.  I asked her how much her brideprice would be and she said probably around 10 cows (which is a lot).  Considering my age, but the fact that I am an only daughter, and have multiple college degrees as well as can drive and ride a motorcycle, but are independent and stubborn, 10 cows for me sounds probably about right, maybe a little less since I am stubborn.  *grin*  I can understand why brideprice started, though why it continues - I think it has more to do with tradition rather than the actual need for it now.  It seems that many women don't like it because it's like being sold into slavery.  I definitely agree on that one.

Yes, that's a cow. 

Roomie's in Kampala for her birthday weekend with her visiting parents.  Tomorrow, grading and cleaning for Sunday my friend the Reporter is coming to visit for 2 weeks from the US!  Can't wait to see her!