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Barrel Rolls in the Sky

posted Jul 19, 2012, 3:11 AM by jj pionke
Lunch time for me is had out back on the steps.  Beyond the fence is the Botanical Hotel which is actually quite nice looking, from the back anyway.  This week and part of last week, I've been on a samosa kick - in part because I get the veggie ones which is pretty much the only veggies I get per day and well, they taste amazing.  I also have a Coke.  Coke and other sodas come primarily in glass bottles.  They are made with real sugar and not the processed crap that the US puts in sodas. 

So, there I am, sitting on the back steps just enjoying the nice breeze, watching the clouds gather themselves together over Lake Victoria when my eyes are drawn to the large birds that usually ride on the thermals around the area.  I typically watch them over lunch.  Whatever they, they are pretty big.  Anyway, as I was watching, one of them started doing these lazy barrel rolls.  I've never seen a bird do that.  It was flying with another bird so maybe it was trying to impress the other bird?  No idea.  Regardless, it was pretty cool.