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Finished the Cataloging!

posted Jul 24, 2012, 9:33 PM by jj pionke
Today, we finished the cataloging of the Secretariat collection!  This was the focus of the trip.  The masterfile has to be proofread and then checked for errors by a team of two, but otherwise, the initial cataloging is done!  HOORAY!  We are ahead of schedule.  This is pretty awesome actually because it will allow us to do other things like retype a catalog that has no digital copy and rehouse a collection that badly needs it (the current boxes it is in are falling apart so we will put the files into new boxes along with making sure they are in order - even in the best of archives, things get out of order all the time).  We also have help for the rehousing - a professor and two of his students are assisting us for several weeks in order to get practical experience.  Very exciting stuff!  I'm proud of the team and I know we've done a good job.  Further, I know that what we have done and will do is making a difference.