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Lake Mburo National Park in One Day

posted Aug 2, 2012, 9:52 AM by jj pionke
Very long day today.  We drove 4 hours to the park, did a game drive and then drove right back to Entebbe.  We saw all sorts of things so expect more safari pictures over the next few days.  Lake Mburo National Park is about 500 miles in area.  It has zebra, elan, buzzards, waterbuck, impala, and lion among other things.  Alas, no lion for us.  We were there during the hottest part of the day so they were holed up taking a nap in the brush somewhere.  I don't blame them.

Here is a picture of Zebra and Elan together - a combo that David said he has never seen before.  The Elan are in the background. They are shy and hard to find.

Zebra and Elan

and here we have a hippo that we pretty much just stumbled upon....literally, we came around a turn and there he was.  If you see the red towards his hindquarters, he was in a fight of some kind which is probably why he was out of the water - lost the fight and was letting the wound heal up.  You have no idea how big a hippo is until you are up close to one.  He was about 2 car lengths away.